After 27 years in the advertising business, it suddenly hit me that virtually all books I read about the business are written by and about men, the Mad Men. I felt there was something missing, I missed the female role models. I wanted to offer advice and inspiration, especially to the younger generation of women working in advertising, the women who often ask the same questions when I give lectures: What is it like to be a woman in this business? Where are our role models? Where is our history? So I started writing and travelling to meet some of the world's most successful and inspiring women working in advertising. These are their stories, the stories by and about the Mad Women. This book is published in collaboration with Komm! (The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies) as a part of their work to encourage equality in the advertising business

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  Watch Christina Knights TED Talk. "Through her 28-year career in advertising, Christina Knight has often had to fight to have her creativity appreciated and produce advertising that is relevant to women. In this personal talk, Christian wonders where all the "Mad Women" are and explains the need for better gender balance within the industry in order to create higher-quality advertising."   Don't miss Christina Knight's second book about the advertising buisness, Not Buying it – a Guide to a New Era of Advertising. Link to Not buying it!