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OLIKA means different

Olika is an independent publisher that publishes books for children, young adults and method books for adults.
In Swedish, OLIKA means “different.” In what way are we different?

Our stories mirror contemporary society. The everyday reality of children shows a magnificent diversity in ways of being and ways of living. By broadening the scope of children’s literature and including new ways of being, more children will be able to identify with the characters and stories, thereby having their own lived experiences validated. And at the same time read beautiful and interesting books!
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For information, reading copies or other enquiries regarding rights, please contact
Stephanie Barrouillet at SB Rights Agency: stephanie(at)sbrightsagency.com or Olika at info(at)olika.nu

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EU-project: Education for Equality – Going beyond gender stereotypes

Along with Teso and Unicef ​​in Italy, COGAM in Spain, the FBI centering Austria is OLIKA in a three year project ”Education for Equality” to develop good strategies to disseminate knowledge about how we can work gender equality and inclusive with children. The focus is on gender, different family forms and to work against racism.

We will exchange experiences and knowledge between the different organizations and practice in the different countries. The goal is to develop methods and tools to work with children aged 3-8 years. We will have conferences in all the countries, and the result of the project will be a website with materials, tips and ideas, simply the ”best practices” for working with gender equality and work against racism.

At a time when racist parties take place in the parliaments of many European countries and threatens democracy and human equality, it is especially important that we stand strong together and highlight all the good work that is done to give children more opportunities. Children are the future and we at OLIKA want in any way we can work to create a better and freer world. A world where all human experience and the differences helps to strengthen each other.

You can read more about our collaboration at Education4equality.eu